Wal-Mart Interview Tips? What to wear?

I really need motivational tips for a Wal-Mart Interview… I’m a very introvert, quiet, and VERY nervous individual. I get so nervous at a job interview I start to stumble over my words or lack thereof, become very twitchy and I can’t keep eye contact. I’m a college student, I fifnd myself to be well educated but socially I’m a mess! My first Wal-Mart Interview about two years ago was a big FAIL AND EMBARRASSMENT, I’m hoping to make a better impression this time around. Are there any tips you could provide and what should I wear? I’m very tight on cash due to books and classes so I can’t buy anything- I have khaki pants, black pants, or regular dark jeans. Button down burgundy shirt or floral black/white/blue shirt. White closed toe slip ons(I know I should have black shoes) Please help anyway you can!!! Thank you in advance.

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