Was I led on by this girl, or did I just read the situation wrong?

So me and this girl both attended the same college (URI) and we were lab partners in our bio-chemistry class.We both got along quite well, and she would always smile at me and look me right in the eyes while talking. We mostly talked about class related topics, but she seemed to really like me and we seemed to have a connection. She also would ask me to do favors such as copy notes, help on tests, text her work we had to do and so on. I was also the only guy, and even only person in the class she would talk to and we always walked to and from class together.

However once class ended we were texting about our grades, and I asked if she wanted to hangout sometime, where she replied “I have a boyfriend”. So what I want to know is was this girl leading me on by getting close with me, flirting, and asking for things about the class, or am I just off base?

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