5 Ways To Improve Your Learning Capabilities

5 Ways To Improve Your Learning Capabilities

Learning is in essence, what makes human – human. Without learning, we would still be primitive cavemen, gazing in awe at this ideology of a fire, the wonder of nature, and our own abilities. However, a little gene in our brains called myelin, allow us to not only learn, but excel at things we are willing to deeply focus on.

However, learning something can be grueling, no matter how simple or difficult. We are each unique in terms of what we find easier, or more difficult to learn, and that’s where having a technique for learning things that do not naturally correspond to you comes in useful.

1. Spaced Repetition

Sometimes the more difficult a topic is to understand, the harder it is to use your innate study ability (this is the method of learning, or comprehension, that you find works best for you). When this happens, sometimes the next best thing is spaced repetition.
Essentially, this principle works by re-applying the same knowledge multiple times over a period of time. Each time you do it, take note of how much you remember on that specific topic. In the end, you should be able to have 100 percent remember to rate. This technique will also aid in the improvement of your memory capacity.

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