What can I do for healthy food options?

I’m 14 and am not in charge of the meals my parents buy. But I’ve been wanting to lose weight for so long seeing as I’m overweight, and I’m really depressed from it. I’ve learned for a long time now, that my exercise won’t make a difference unless I have a healthy diet, but ALL my life, my parents have always bought junk food. I’ve been having weight problems since around 2nd grade. Even when I begged them to get healthy foods at the store, they would either “forget”, or they would bring me home my own healthy food selection only for my siblings to eat it instead. Now, my parents are an a very VERY tight budget, with 3 kids in college and 2 heading to college in a few years, and only one working parent. They don’t have money to go buy a bunch of healthy foods (healthy foods are expensive now a days) let alone buy any food at all. Lately we have had to live off of fast food or pizza. We have nothing at the house besides sandwich stuff, and I’m so tired of eating junk food and gaining weight I’m literally so depressed from being like this all these years. I want to know what I Can do for healthy foods, please help

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