What does it mean when a guy stares without smiling?

Okay, so I have a huge crush on this lifeguard at the waterpark I go to, lets call him L in this question. I noticed L staring at me long before I got the courage to start talking to him. He’d stare for a good 5 seconds at me before I’d look away because he never smiled & I didnt know what to do. (Later, I talked to him and got his name and a lot of other interesting stuff about him and I realized he was really chill and sweet so he isnt a creepo for those who would have answered that) why does he stare at me without smiling? Like I’ll look over at him and most of the time he’s already looking at me, and we’ll hold the eye contact for about 3 seconds before I look away because neither of us smiles. Its not really a cold, intenss stare, its relaxed. I cant tell if he likes me or not because of this… Help lol

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