What is the best way to rewrite this?

Jazzie’s POV

I sat in the Passengers Seat As My Father Drove Us Home. It was Late and Foggy Out Near the forest Area, I was so confused by all the fog that it scared me almost.

“Dad , Isn’t the Fog Bothering you? I can’t See a Thing” I looked Over at Him as My Cherry Coloured Hair flew over my Shoulders. My Dad Scoffed And Shook His head “Well of course it’s not bothering me, I can See Crystal Clear” I started to get worried. My dad doesn’t Have 20/20 Vision

“Besides Jazzie” Dad Began
“Were Basically in the middle of
Nowhere, I’m Sure No one will come out this late”

i sighed and scanned through a Teen vogue Magazine. But then i screamed “LOOK OUT!” Dad suddenly stomped on the breaks. and the guys Image glued to my mind For a while, whoever it was had black hair, very pale skin and Green eyes. with an evil smirk.

“Oh my god!” I Sobbed.

Dad and i thought we hit Someone, and i seriously believe we did.
“I’ll go check and see if that guys ok you stay here!” Dad Told me.
Petrified i made sure that i had my seat belt on tight.
But i couldn’t blame dad, it was really foggy out.

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