What is the ionization energy of selenium?

The amount of energy necessary to remove an electron from an atom is a quantity called the ionization energy, Ej. This energy can be measured by a technique called photoelectron spectroscopy, in which light of wavelength Iv is directed at an atom, causing an electron to be ejected. The kinetic energy of the ejected electron (Ek) is measured by determining its velocity, v (Ek= mv2/2), and Ei is calculated using the conservation of energy principle. That is, the energy of the incident light is equal to Ej plus Ek. What is the ionization energy of selenium atoms (in kilojoules per mole) if light with wavelength = 48.2 nm produces electrons with a velocity of 2.37l x 10e6 m/s? The mass, m, of an electron is 9.109 x 10e-31 kg. (Remember 1 Joule= 1 kgm2/s2)

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