What kind of motorcycle should I get for my first bike? (Cc wise)?

So I ve heard both sides of this, and not sure whether to start with a 300cc bike (ninja 300, Yamaha r3), or a 600cc bike (zx6r, Yamaha r6, cbr 600). Just wanted to get some input on either side.

More: Hello! Can someone enlighted me what are the blue cables and purple box :) Thanks? What are some causes for a po410 code? I am wanting to swap a 1994 camaro z28 engine and transmission in to a 1990 240sx. Has anyone done this or knows how to do it? I'm completely new to radios. I want to install a two way radio in my jeep wrangler for offroading, camping, etc.? ASRock Z170 Pro4S loose radiator?