My name is bobby I’m (19) I live at home with my older brother (30) and my younger brother (9).. Last week a family of black people moved right next to us. they have an attitude and they sag their pants knee height. alwYs blast ghetto music and their house smells like beef. me and my brothers went to introduce ourselfs and welcome them. The ratchet girl started kissing her teeth. My younger brother said ” excuse Ma’am that’s not very nice” than her brother pulled out a gun and said ” is this nice boy?” My younger brother pooped his diaper and was frozen in fear.

We are thinking of calling the city people on them. they always throw there garbage on our lawn and give us looks. We live in Canada. What can we do? My older brother is thinking of fighting them. My younger brother wants to fight them but we said ” drink your milk first” he tries to be like superman. should we call the city people on them? Thank u all in advance!!

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