Why can’t I understand chemistry?

Hi there,
I’m a high school sophomore and have been a straight A student since the first grade. School comes to me easily and to be honest, I’m that one kid in class who never studies for a test and gets a clean 100. However, there’s one little problem. I don’t understand chemistry. I don’t know what moles are, or what stoichiometry is, or even the purpose of the labs we do. All I see is letters and numbers.

My teacher is a PhD and as you can imagine, he teaches it like he is teaching a bunch of experienced grad students. I just don’t get this sh!t. I’ve even tried to watch videos online but I have no idea what they’re talking about. To make it worse, I’m the only sophomore in a class full of juniors and seniors and even though we all don’t get it, they still think I’m a genius to the point where the teacher assigned me official class tutor.

Good thing is that he thinks I always know what I’m doing and I know how to fake having my sh!t together well enough in the class that so far, I have a 95. Yes, it may be a good grade but I don’t feel like I ever learn anything. I usually just google the answers or ask them on here.

It’s finals week. We’re reviewing stuff I’ve never seen (that he “supposedly taught”) and there’s no way I can fake it through that final because he isn’t the one creating it. What do I do? How do I understand chemistry? Honestly, it’s a very frustrating class.

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