Why could promoting mental health awareness through webcomics be bad?

Writing an argumentitive essay

Topic- The role of illustrators in promoting mental health awareness

I have all the reasons as to why it’s good but can’t find anything against it.

I have a couple of reasons as to why it could fail though such as webcomics being so competitive and not being able to reach a wide audience with them, and the fact that only people who can relate to them will be reading them; other people don’t care much to understand mental health problems and what it’s like.

Perhaps the illustrator may resort to paying for them to be displayed as adverts on sites such as facebook (but in the end where do they get the funding from? It could also get pretty pricey; the wider audience they want to reach, the mnre it will cost :/ BLEH!)

What do you think of my points? How strong are, are they even relevant and and can you think of any better ones?


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