Why does my mama do these things?

Okay, so I’m in middle school. When I was in elementary school Social Services took me away from my ma cause she attempted suicide. And when she was loopy she told them her boyfriend was bad. So then the cops questioned me. And I really hated her boyfriend. He used to touch my butt and yell at me and he was an alcoholic. So then now my mom acts crazy towards me. Her husband is a recovering alcoholic and she says he beats her. But I don’t know if she’s lying cause she lies often. Also, when she says he hit her and where you can never tell. And my dad doesn’t want me to be around him. So, on Mother’s Day I told my mama that my step dad can’t be there when I see her. So, she snuck him around me anyway. I told her I was finna tell my dad and she said she didn’t care. So I told him and he got mad. She then proceeded to cut my phone off, try to erase everything on it using Find My iPhone. And then she blocked me and my father. This isn’t the first time she’s done this either. In the fifth grade she tried to kick me out, and in the middle of 7 she told me she never wanted to talk to me again and didn’t for a few weeks. Then tried to act like it was my fault. THEN tried to make me pity her. She tries to make me pity her often. I love her, but idk what’s wrong with her.. Why does she do this?

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