Why is my brother so selfish?

Today I got home from college and I discovered could barely load a webpage, this was because my brother had left his computer on all day (even when he was out biking) to download a very long TV Show of about 20 seasons. When I told him he was being selfish he replied “do I give a f*ck?” He also left his laptop and Xbox on when he went shopping with our mum for a good half hour but had a go at me for turning them off. He regularly plays his music so loud I can hear it word for word on the hall way and sometimes my dad has to shout up the stairs 5 times before he hears. When he leaves and goes back into his room he slams the door no matter what the time. I have seen him on multiple occasions make a bowl of popcorn (leaving all his mess out) and get a pint glass of apple juice despite there only being one small carton. Is it just me or is he selfish. He does have a touch of autism but you wouldn’t have guessed he had it unless you were an expert on the subject.

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