Why is my mole a red now?

So ive had this mole on my arm forever. it was small, brown and a circle. last summer, i noticed it became raised and it was a little itchy. i kept an eye on it and it eventually went back to pretty normal– it was still a little raised (however, im not compeltely sure if it was like that before or not) — i just remember it being itchy but i was at camp and since it stopped being itchy, i figured a bug had bitten me or something or the sun had irritated it.

since then, it had been a light brown and never bothered me so i never got it checked.

however, tonight i noticed it is now red, like blood red. its not bleeding, itchy or multi-colored.

however, i am going to get it checked out. do you think im going to die of cancer? I’m only 20! i dont want to die.

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