Why is my sister acting this way? Is it signs of depression?

My 11 (almost 12) year old sister is in sixth grade. Lately she has been driving my parents over the edge with her attitude and smart Alec-ness. She s also been super lazy and won t do any of her chores. All my parents do is scream at her and make her cry and then she goes in our room that we share and lay on her bed and pet our cat, which makes them even more mad. Sometimes they come to me for advice, and I just say that they should try asking her what s wrong and being nicer to hey about things, but either way they still end up telling at her. She told me she doesn t have friends anymore at school, so I figured maybe that was the problem. When my parents tell her to clean her room, she lays on the floor or parts with her fish and does nothing. Thank you for any answers!

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