Will she realize what she lost?

hi i am from italy
i wish that anyone can help me
i am student in medical university i meet a girl when i was in first course and she was in the in first course too it was before 6 years ago
i loved that girl and she loved me
that girl from poor family she could not pay money to university so she left the university
but i payed to the university so as to she back
we started meet she started to like me and i was the most happiest person in the world when she said that she likes me
but i saw sadness on her face because she was poor she could not wear clothes like girls in our university
after 3 months she said that she loves me i waited long long time dreaming about this moment
i started buy her clothes every 3 months some time every 2 months i started buy jewelry every festival and i started to give her money every month about 300 $
i did all that because i wanted to make her happiest girl i did want to see her sad
if she cry i cry if she smile i smile
i helped her family to open business shop
our story started 4 years ago
i did not say to her never. anything she want i do
if she need money i borrow money from my friends …..
after all….. she started fighting for no reason but i keep it hush so as not make thing more uncomfortable after that she said that she needed space !!!!
i give her space but my friends said that they saw her with Another Guy ….. i shocked ,,,, i called her she did not answer my calls for 2 weeks i called her mother her mother said to me STAY AWAY FROM HER ,,,,,,,,,
i called her again but no answer!!!!!!!
all my friends said that the saw her with Another Guy ,,,,, that guy is the son of our professor of surgery
when my friends said that i did not call again for 2 months …. after that she called and she cry and shy asked to f forgive she asked money i give her so as to know if she using me
after that i called her many times she did not answer one time i saw her with this guy so i went after them and i said to her to look at me she said that she love him i spit on her face and i Hit the guy
his father our professor called me and he said that i have to apologize from his son and from the girl that i love because she is his girl friend or he will expel me from the university i said to him no i will apologize only from your son ,,,,,,he accept that
that was for 3 months ago
no i am hopeless without her
i cant move on
will she realize what she lost?
Will She Be Back?
i sorry about that long story
but i need help please
6 hours ago – 4 days left to answer.

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