5 World’s Greatest Scientists of all Time

5 World’s Greatest Scientists of all Time

History saw many talented scientists who made significant contribution to the science and life. Almost everything that concerns everyday life, on the one hand, and questions of a world scale, on the other, discoveries and inventions passes through the hands, or rather minds of scientists. After numerous experiments, they discover world’s laws and make inventions. Here is a list of five world’s greatest scientists whose discoveries have made people’s life better and opened up many new opportunities.

1. Aristotle (384BC-322BC)

Aristotle (384BC-322BC)

Born on 384 BC Aristotle was a great Greek scientist and philosopher who made researches in a wide range of subjects including botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geometry, meteorology, ethics, and metaphysics. Besides, he is regarded as the first genuine and one of the most influential scientists in history. He was a student of Plato and a tutor to Alexander the Great. His views on natural sciences formed the basis for the ancient and further science. Aristotle classified plant and animal specimens them according to their characteristics. He also estimated the Earth size.

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