Yes, Beer has an impact on your health and it is not what you think it is!

Yes, Beer has an impact on your health and it is not what you think it is!

Italian researchers at their Neurological Institute agrees with the latest statement that’s taking a toll on the internet – ‘A glass of beer a day keeps the doctor away’. They have been doing long term research which has now proved that by having minimal amount of beer could decrease the probability of having a Heart stroke by 25%. Incredible, isn’t it?

Health Benfits of Beer

After an expounding research of more than 200 studies, they have concluded that drinking beer could be advantageous to your heart. Well, there is a limit though and that is 1.4 pints of beer for women and 2.8 pints of it for men each day!

And not just that! There is more to the story than you could think of!

1. Beer can cure inflammatory diseases

Beer can cure inflammatory diseases

Scientists at a university of Idaho finds that a key element in beer could probably be a potential cure to fight inflammatory diseases.  They found that bacterial growth could be halted with couple of acids like humulones. With a possible compound extraction in the future, they are even positive that they can find active agents that can fight the cancer cells. If they did, it would be quite a discovery, right?

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